Patient Stories

Jonathan and Meredith Sheldon

Since his surgery in June 2012, Peabody resident Jonathan Sheldon, 34, has lost an impressive 80 pounds* and has never felt healthier. Both he and his wife took full advantage of NSMC's comprehensive post-operative program, which includes medically supervised cardiac risk reduction, nutrition and psychological counseling, exercise, general education and peer support. "I like to describe the surgery itself as being the starting bell," says Dr. Benedetto. "Once a patient recovers from surgery, that's when the real work begins. This is where our program excels because we make sure the patient is closely monitored, cared for and supported to ensure long term success." Read Jonathan and Meredith's story

Kevin and Martha Miller

In 2005, Kevin Miller of Ipswich decided his weight problems were more than he could handle. At 345 pounds, Miller, 43, was having trouble waking up and getting out of bed. "I used to love fishing, hiking and camping, but because of my weight it was tough for me to even get off the couch," explained Miller. Suffering from Type II diabetes and already on insulin, Miller met with Frederick Buckley, M.D., a surgeon who specializes in bariatric (weight loss) surgery at North Shore Medical Center, to see what his options were. His results from the surgery were so good, his wife Martha, 34, started looking into it too. Read Kevin and Martha's story

Erin James

At 24, Danvers resident Erin James' life after college was on track, except for one thing. Although always confident in herself, she was feeling increasingly uncomfortable not only in clothes, but also in social situations. "I was never depressed, but I just knew my weight was holding me back," explains James. In October 2008, she decided to have minimally invasive surgery at NSMC. "I liked the band better than gastric bypass because it's adjustable, could change with me and be removed if necessary," said James. Read Erin's story

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