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On average, NSMC patients lose 100 lbs.* within the first year after their operation and achieve reductions in co-morbidities (high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and sleep apnea) that far exceed the national averages.

Completed surgeries -- 1900, March, 2015

Average length of stay in the hospital -- 1 day (lap band patients); 2-3 days (bypass and sleeve patients)*

Blood Pressure*
88% of patients with hypertension have had their medications discontinued.
Average systolic reduction: 17.2%
Average diastolic reduction: 9.9%

Pre-Program: 74% of patients have gone from being completely sedentary on average to exercising 2-4 times per week for a duration of 25-45 minutes.

Weight Loss*
Average weight loss for patients:
2-3 years after surgery: 106 lbs.
1 year after surgery: 100 lbs.
8 months after surgery: 88 lbs.
4 months after surgery: 63 lbs.

Cardiovascular Conditioning*
78% improvement documented on clinic exercise MET level calculation.

Total cholesterol reduction: -12.2%.

Depression Index*
Improved by 88.5% one year after surgery.

90% of the diabetics have had their insulin or their oral glycemic medications discontinued. A1c dropped at 12 months after surgery: 23%

Quality of Life Index*
Improved by 83% one year after surgery.

Sleep Apnea*
92% of patients with sleep apnea have had their C-PAP discontinued one year after surgery after retesting.

28% of smokers are smoke-free one year after surgery.

*Success stories and positive results numbers aren't guaranteed. Results will vary among patients.
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